Brit twins, 2, taken into care in Portugal after dad was ‘drunk at hotel bar while kids were at pool’ – Mirror Online

A British holidaymaker’s two-year-old twins have been taken into temporary care in Portugal after police were called to his hotel because he was “drunk”.

Concerned staff alerted cops to the hotel in the Algarve resort of Albufeira over fears for the youngster’s safety.

Staff are said to have called police after spotting the Brit drinking at the hotel bar while his children were alone in the swimming pool area.

The dad reportedly had a blood alcohol concentration of two milligrams per litre when tested – two and a half times over the UK drink-drive limit.

The twins are now at a children’s home after being taken to hospital for a check-up which showed they were okay.

The man, 45, was said to have been drunk at the hotel (stock photo)
(Image: PA)

The hotel was named locally as the Adriana Beach Club Resort Hotel, in the Olhos de Agua area of Albufeira.

The children were removed from his care on Wednesday night and reached their temporary refuge – the Refugio Aboim Ascensao in Faro – around 1am Thursday morning.

The British dad has not been named but has been described as a 45-year-old widower.

Local reports said it was not the first time he had been drinking heavily on his holidays while with his children.

GNR police were said to have taken them away at the request of a judge because the dad was not deemed to be in a fit state to look after the youngsters.

A Foreign & Commonwealth Office spokesperson said: “We are supporting a British man following an incident in the Algarve, and our staff are in contact with the Portuguese authorities.”

A youth court judge will now decide the youngsters’ future.

Their dad’s whereabouts today was unclear.

It was not immediately clear either if he had been formally arrested by police following the hotel call.

 Source: Brit twins, 2, taken into care in Portugal after dad was ‘drunk at hotel bar while kids were at pool’ – Mirror Online

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